Thursday, September 11, 2008

Picture update

here is a picture of what my teeth look like without the aligners in as of the 3rd day with set 17 in. Ughh the bottom teeth. They look crooked because of all the unevenness of the edges.
My smile as of right now. Pretty excited to see my clincheck come to life.


Just for reference, what my bottom teeth(and top!) looked like at about aligner 4ish. I want them back like that...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

17! Боже мой!

Holy makral!

I changed into the 17th set on Tuesday. I went in and he tried to floss my teeth and saw that it could close up more(especially the two front ones) and said to use the last 3 sets(thank god). He also said to come in when I am done and have my attatchments shaved off and when the hygenist/assistant asked "impressions?" and he said I wouldn't need any and they'd make retainers. I don't know how I feel about that. Yes, the gap is so close to being gone(WHEE!) and I am really happy with my tops but my bottoms are so uneven still(and only one more aligner on the bottom) and I will always wonder if the midline couldn't be fixed if I don't ask so when I go in I will ask him If I could correct those problems with refinements. It's possible I am being over picky, but I mean they are free so why not at least ask, right?

No pain at all on Tuesday. I even was able to pry them off about an hour after changing for lunch and it wasn't too bad. He asked me if there was a lot of pressure when I put them in in the office and surprisingly, there wasn't hardly at all. I would say the least since I started. I didn't even take an advil or anything though my teeth had that odd feeling, not pain just like irritated gums that lasted until about 11 am. I don't know if it was from them working OR if it was from me grinding at night(It is very possible). Otherwise nothing else to say.

I will take pictures this week and put them up. When I first take my aligners out the gap is gone but I do get a slight black triangle on the top so I'll have to also ask about that and maybe IPR and refinements. It is so crazy the change I can't even remember. He showed me my old pics this appointment and whoa man. The space was even bigger than I imagined.

I was even telling my roommate about them and she was asking me a lot of questions and said she is going to look into them.