Monday, November 26, 2007


So today I had my consultation.

The skinny: 4400 dollars. A year plus refinement.
He said my bite really won't be fixed but my enormous front teeth will be pushed up and look smaller and my gap will close. He said my bottoms are good except for a space in the back but I will probably be getting bottoms as well. Ah well, might as well get perfect teeth, even if I can't see them.

I left the clinic happier than I have been in a long time. With the promise that my teeth will one day be fixed. Funny how something so simple has made me so happy. Funny, or sad, depending on how you look at it. I have spent a good part of my life hiding myself. It is why I am so painfully shy and have problems getting "out there" in life. I feel like at 21, I haven't experienced much because of my horrible teeth and I know that is a pitiful excuse but It IS true no matter how sad and I can't wait until I am able to just be me and not have to worry about not talking in front of new people or stifling my laughter or having people tell me I look unhappy because I always smile "closed mouthed"

And off the topic that makes me a bit verklempt.......

So, that leaves me worried about Russia(again!). So the date has been pushed back an academic year. That puts a damper on a lot of things since I wanted to go next year and come back and have a breezy last year where I could kick some ass, Russian wise. Now it looks like I will have to reverse. Only thing is, I care SO much what my teachers think that I want them to see my improvement and once I graduate -they likely wont know.

Not only that but another goal was in IMPROVE my grades by going to Russia, by getting higher marks in my Russian classes so I could get into grad school in info and library tech. So, I am at a loss again. Maybe I will just take next year off from Russian(save retaking 302,303) and get all my credits and find out it I can get credit for my year in Russia and get my diploma when I return from Russia(all credits, all required classes, all Russia credits =degree). So same result I guess, just my years reversed. That is, IF I can be done treatment by may when summer courses start in Russia.*fingers crossed*(I'd I started then, I'd have to forgo my traveling throughout eastern Russia with Nicole......жаль....)

I felt really good about the office, it was snazzy actually. I'd liken it to the McNamara/Troy of teeth actually, and the dentist was really nice and didn't make me as nervous as the other guy. So all in all, I feel good.

I guess I will make an update in January when I have my next appointment.