Monday, June 30, 2008


Just changed an hour or so. I put the tops on first, usually I put the bottoms on first and there was a lot of pressure and when I put the bottoms on top of the previous bottoms it seemed a lot smaller. So a lot of pressure on both upper and lowers. Looking at them in the mirror they have that problem on the second incisor where it extends past the tooth AND on a new tooth this time
(same tooth, just on the other side). I wonder if maybe my teeth were supposed to have been pulled down into those spaces or if they just don't fit as they should. I guess I will see at my appointment(haven't made it yet. Office is closed today and tomorrow so I will make an appointment on Wednesday if they can get me in next week. I think they should, I mean for pete's sake it takes like 5 minutes). Also looking in the mirror it looks like the plastic is cutting into the skin between my two front teeth(frenum). It doesn't hurt so I shall see how my daily glass of orange juice goes tomorrow morning :)

I was looking at the cost of whitening treatments since I think that is something I am interested in after treatment. I didn't realize that to get it done professionally is so expensive. Yikes. Anyone reading have any luck with some "take home" kinds?

I shall post pictures possibly Wednesday once my teeth move a bit with this set.


Sunday, June 22, 2008


I was away at work for two weeks without a computer but I wrote down in a regular journal:


Last night I changed my aligners at 7:30. They didn't fit snugly but today they have settled nicely. Lots of pressure on the top and bottoms. When I looked at aligner 11 compared to aligner 10 it looked so much smaller(the gap) but I didn't really notice a big difference this morning. Did notice that these squeaky clean aligners make my teeth look a whole lot whiter than those old ones. Still have that second incisor problem where you can see the aligner extending farther than the tooth does. Oh well. I don't know why I even document that anymore. Seems it is there to stay.
Flossing this morning was a treat(/sarcasm). It wasn't bad but more tender than I have had this far. It was only in on part by my bottom fang and the tooth next to it. It was a bit sore to take out the aligner in that area too since I have an attachment on that tooth.


What else new....hmm well, I was at dinner with my parents and when I took out the aligners to eat my dad was like "oh I guess I see some progress" and when I turned my head he was like "your teeth go in now." Like the opposite of an overjet(?)- top front teeth are angled ever so slightly towards my throat. I will have to ask about that when I go in for my appointment next. I also don't like some of the movements of my bottom teeth(which, with the exception of the fang I really liked before treatment). I realize that I am in the middle of this process so they are still moving.....I just don't want them to end like this. Also don't see any improvement in my mid line and i am wondering if they were even going to correct that. Blast! I wish I had my clincheck to see. If not, I will be asking for it to be at least improved when I get refinements. I bet to fix it would take.....10 or so aligners seeing how I am about half a tooth out....and I don't have that time.

And I guess on that pessimistic note, I am concluding this post. More this coming week. I will take pictures and maybe do another video or something....or maybe wait until next week when I change aligners again.....we'll see I guess.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Some stuff I forgot

I seeeeeeeeee progress! I told my mom that my gap looks smaller and she said "let me see" and then said "it looks the same." Hmmf. Well maybe to her who never saw a problem with my teeth in the first place! I can tell. When the aligners are out and I try to fit the tip of my tongue through the gap it hardly fits in anymore. I definitely used to fit more through!

Someone else noticed the aligners too. At work someone asked if I wanted some food and I declined. This happened a 3 or 4 times and since I don't have breaks at my work(seriously, crazy 13 hour days, 7 days a week where you pray you even get a bathroom break) I didn't think I'd have time to eat and brush and floss more than once on the job(if that) and after awhile he asked if I was one of those girls who "doesn't eat" and I was like "Oh hell no. I love food it is just that I ummm have Invisalign" and he goes "Oh, I thought I saw something yesterday." I didn't realize so many people even knew of Invisalign but he was a fellow gapee so maybe that is why, or maybe I just lived under a rock until like 2006

What other info can I give.....
Oh, when I took the aligner off this morning my frenum hurt a little. And was sort of all peely and gross at the bottom, like it was soaked in saliva all night(ha, can you imagine? / sarcasm) but drinking orange juice or eating didn't hurt it at all and tonight it looks fine. Hope all goes good with that.

Monday, June 2, 2008


I changed into number 10 today. I can't believe it. Only 9 more to go on top and 8 more on the bottom. Insane! Time has sure flown, It hardly feels like I have had these things two months.
I guess that is what happens when you progress slow and have no problem or pains. When I put these ones in there was a lot of pressure but they weren't hard to get in. The pressure was gone in about 2/3 minutes though and now I am back to not feeling them. I wonder if maybe since my teeth developed later(lost my last baby tooth in like grade 8, I kid you not) if maybe that is why I don't have pain. Because my teeth aren't fully rooted in place like adult teeth are. This would explain why i still haven got my wisdom teeth yet(dentists estimate their eruption in 3 years when I am 24)

That annoying bump on the surface of the tooth on my last aligner isn't on this one too, thank God. and These ones went down all the way too, they fit snug like I have had them on for a week or so. I think this is the first set where they have done that. Usually I have those air pockets for a day until my teeth settle. Whoo!