Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


So I changed aligners last night...or early this morning I guess.
They were easy to get on but felt a lot of pressure. Really glad I put them on last night rather than this morning. It isn't that they hurt, it is just when there is that pressure, it is hard to not think about the aligners. And as is customary when I get a new set on, I push them with my tongue a bit in the places there it isn't settled. And I discover that there is something is not right. On my premolar on my left side on the highest part of my tooth I can feel something sharp. So my first thought was "Oh god, my teeth are so sharp they are punching holes in the plastic" so when I checked this morning it just appears that there is a slight defect on that area. There is a little tiny ball of plastic there. So not too bad. The incisor thing I have had a problem with my last few aligners is still there. I am sure it will be with me to the end.
Didn't seem to notice a change that was really visible when I took the aligners out to eat this morning. My right canine on the bottom was quite sore when I was popping my aligners off and it was a bit tender to floss between my first and second incisor on the right.
But that is everything I have to say so far.

edit: I forgot to say, I had my moment where I totally forgot I had the aligners in. I mean, I am sure it had happened before - a long time ago - but I was really made aware of it this time. We had a long weekend and I was going to our family's cabin and my mom was asking me if I had everything packed and was listing everything and went "you have your teeth?"(Ha ha ha my parents call them my "teeth" like "do you want some of the supper we cooked, or have you already put your teeth back in?") and in my head I went "oh my god!" and quickly checked with my tongue and sure enough - they were on. It was pretty exiting for me. I am sad, I realize.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Nothing much new to report.
I was stupid on the weekend though.
I was going out, but was drinking at a friends house before going to the bar and had my aligners out while I drank(cherry juice and raspberry really red and I figured it would stain) and before we were ready to leave I went and brushed my teeth but we were in a rush and I forgot my aligners and it wasn't until I was in the car on the way that I realized I didn't have them. So anyway, I had to wait until 11 the next morning to get them back. I was really worried but they went on alright. Same amount of pressure as when I change aligners, so my teeth really moved! No pain putting them back on but when I got back from the bar and was trying to sleep without the Really hard! My teeth felt so sharp all over and poking my mouth, and my front teeth really ached to bite down on them. So, I guess that is just another reason to not forget! I am thankful it's painful when I have them out for a longer period than when I put fresh aligners on.

Despite the fact that nothing bad has happen(yet!) from that little incident, I will be more careful from now on. Damn these aligners, they make me feel guilty.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Changed aligners late last night. They were easy to get on but I think I felt the most discomfort with these since my second set, they felt really tight and had some pain high up in one of my front incisors -like in the root area for a couple of minutes. The tightness only lasted about 20 minutes(either they settled a bit or the extra strength advil kicked in. I don't know which but after that they felt fine. Again, they didn't sit properly on all my teeth but they are fine today. Feel like week olds already. No pain flossing, brushing or eating so I say "yay." I feel it would be stupid - maybe I am just superstitious- to say that things have gone well so far. But I just did I guess. I am sure in a month or two I will have some crisis, come on here and complain about how I was being too optimistic.

I haven't used efferdent in over a week. The last set were getting pretty gross near the end there. I think I am just paranoid about using it because I have heard that soaking them in denture cleaner(anything other than water actually) can cause them to become brittle and I think I may be kind of rough taking them off. And I do NOT want a cracked aligner.

Oh, and sadly this aligner has the same problem as the last one - the plastic extending past the tooth making the aligner visible. I bet all the rest do which is unfortunate but definitely something I can live with.

Okay, I am going to go have supper now. Which includes corn on the cob :) Something I am thankful I can even eat. Sometimes I really love Invisalign!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Picture time!

I am taking a bullet for you all. I took some pictures with a good camera to show you what the aligner looks like when you are really close to someone and the picture turned out really great. You can see what the gap looks like and you can see those little swirly designs on the aligners too BUT my lips were all gross since I had just lip chapped and there was some chunkage. So I am showing you the picture even though it is pretty mortifying. It had better be helpful to someone!

This one is to show you where this aligner isn't fitting the teeth that well. See the incisor there? It's driving me insane. I hope my other's aren't like that too.

And this one was for you too see what the buttons look like when the picture isn't blurry. They are quite noticeable but lucky for me they are not on my two front teeth or two bottoms and non of the other teeth really show when I talk so unless I am taking pictures with my mouth open all the way like this no one ever sees them.