Tuesday, October 21, 2008

first "last apointment" :)

I had my last appointment today. I got in and was asked if I was happy with the result. I said there were still some things I wanted to change and showed them. Then the ortho came in(he was doing a big procedure apparently) and shaved off my attachments and then looked at what he thought needed to be done and he said the same things as me. Right lateral needs to come down a bit more, and my bottoms need a bit more more to get even.

So we agreed on a refinement and he evened out my teeth a bit by taking off all the cracked edges since it would be noticeable on the aligners(as it was last time - so I am happy!). The teeth look really good and they are so smooth without the attachments. I can finally bite all the way down. It feels strange!

Then they took pictures of the teeth and then they took impressions again. The top was worst. I was laying back all the way and I could feel it against my throat and it took everything I had not to jump up and yank it from my mouth. Then she did the bottom and it seems that my mouth doesn't fit any of the templates they have because I could feel it against my very back tooth on one of the sides and it was really tight. Then she did the bite stuff(tasted minty this time! I remember it being really nasty last time). Then she took some pictures of me just smiling and of my jaw or whatever. She said that they are fast right now 7-10 days and they will phone me when they get them. I doubt I will be as lucky as last time to get them under a weeks but oh well. I am curious as to how many I will get this time around.

I also hope I am lucky as to get attachments which STAY again. I am fairly certain I will get them on all the teeth that need to move(either up or down) which is I think 3 teeth because I don't see how they will move without them but what do I know?

As I left she was like "so wear your old aligners until you get your new ones" and I had totally forgot about them! I put the top on and I seriously was like "are these mine? did I put the right one in?(which Is totally stupid because if I tried to put the bottoms on top it wouldn't even fit on). They just SLID on and are so loose(though after a few sections the suction comes and keeps them on). I have had aligners with attachments for so long I forget what it is like to be without them!

And here are some pictures. I am not doing the videos anymore since it's just redundant. I may even delete them unless someone thinks they are helpful. I really think that they are not. Maybe before I had a camera but I really just say the same things as I say here - only less.

Top: You can see those horrible bottoms. I believe he is moving the high right one down and the one next to it up. And the second incisor tot the left in the picture will be pulled down to match the other one(even though I am fairly certain that tooth is just smaller - also the gum line is different on those two teeth. On MY left the gum is higher than on my right(also probably helps make it look smaller)
Middle: Same picture basically
Bottom: Me smiling and biting naturally.