Tuesday, December 16, 2008

few quick pictures

Wearing bottoms and tops.

Bottoms without the aligners. Still uneven but much better than before.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

3. I think. Yes. 3.


Changed into 3rd aligner of my refinements on Tuesday night and this is the first aligner in the refinments that I really feel. The first and second had pressure, sure but not a lot, and not compared to when I first started(or have I become used to the pressure even?). One of my bottom teeth was a tiny bit sore yesterday eating a sub(tearing more than hard chewing). I think it was the high one that needed to be pushed down. Also was a bit sore taking off the aligners last night for a snack(just in that one spot). Also was studying last night and noticed that my teeth felt...not sore but just sort of like flossing too hard or picking gums with a toothpick. I think I clench really hard(almost always probably but more so) when I am concentrating and noticed I got that feeling when I took by study break. Top incisor that is moving down doesn't hurt. I was aware of it yesterday but now thats gone.

Think I might be getting a cavity. After having an energy drink last week it hurt to brush in one particular spot and then it went away after a few days so I don't know...hope not though! I have had a perfect record since like grade 7.

After this school madness ends(Tomorrow, thank God) I will take some pictures of my progress. I think my bottoms are starting to look better.