Thursday, September 11, 2008

Picture update

here is a picture of what my teeth look like without the aligners in as of the 3rd day with set 17 in. Ughh the bottom teeth. They look crooked because of all the unevenness of the edges.
My smile as of right now. Pretty excited to see my clincheck come to life.


Just for reference, what my bottom teeth(and top!) looked like at about aligner 4ish. I want them back like that...


Jamie Granger said...

I have invisalign also and my bottom teeth are also now uneven. I was extremely upset so I went into my otho after seeing them get worse. My ortho. thinks that nothing is wrong. Even though clearly my teeth look worse. It's upsetting because you pay so much for it. Is it true that refinements are free or do they charge you?

Kiwikaren said...

Wow ... your uper teeth are looking amazing! Congrats!!!

Have a talk to your ortho about your concerns about your lowers. At least find out what can be done, plus what might not be able to be done. Midlines are often difficult to get corrected, and when you realise that most people don't know what a midline is, or where on the body to find one ... it's not so bad. Plus the only way midlines can truly be seen, is if you get a close up pic of you smiling while showing both upper and lower teeth ... and probably not much else of your face to get that type of detail. Definitely ask, and hopefully some more work can be done on your lowers!