Tuesday, December 16, 2008

few quick pictures

Wearing bottoms and tops.

Bottoms without the aligners. Still uneven but much better than before.


Alexis said...

hi! im considering invisalign and i have a few questions)

1. How much did it cost?
2. Did your insurance cover any of it?
3. How long does it take to get accustomed to speaking with them in?
4. Do you have to attach any adhesive to make the trays stay in?

and finally,

5. I'm a little hesistant to get them because I'm not sure if i want to close my gap. Do you have any regret about changing your teeth?

Anonymous said...

Could you tell me now that you have finished invisalign, do you still have any aches in your teeth when you bite? I am halfway through my invisalign adventure and wondering how my teeth will feel at the end. Thanks. By the way your teeth looking AMAZING. Be very proud of yourself.

TheOtherSideOfTheStory said...

1. For me, it cost 4,500 for my appointments, the aligners and a retainer at the end.
2. I am still on my parents insurance while I study so my mom's payed a bit(1,500) and my dad's wouldn't pay anything.
3. Not long at all. I think I will miss them terribly once I am done. They say you can get used to anything and it is true with these things too. I think after the first week I became accustomed to talking with them in. Only the first day was bad for me speaking wise.
4. No, they stay on your teeth without anything. They are the exact mold of your teeth and are, in fact, tight when you put them on. Over the two weeks they get looser but they don't ever feel like they are going to fall off becasue a)there is a suction effect with saliva and b)they aren't loose(just looser than when you first start). The buttons(or attachments) which you can see if you go back a few months in my blog aren't for keeping the aligners in your mouth. Their purpose is to help move teeth that probably won't move with the aligners alone(such as the rotation of a tooth)
5. Not once and I never will. The gap was such a problem in my life that seeing it finally go made me cry a bit - in a good way. I have heard of others who have had braces, and upon seeing pictures of other people who have gaps find themselves missing their own. Not me, I see them and thank the heavens I had this opportunity to fix something I hated about my own appearance. If you are hesitant, I wouldn't do it. If it is something you like and you are only doing it because of what other's think then it's the wrong reason. What you think is most important! Just my opinion of course :)

Other comment:
I am not done yet. I still have 4 more aligners to go and could have another refinement after for free if I wanted. I will for sure let you know once I finish treatment for good.
Thanks for the comment and I hope your treatment is going well too!

seun (pronounced shown) said...

commenting on Alexis's comment, i have a gap as well and i am currently wearing invisalign (12/17 trays! yay! ) and i AM SO HAPPY that i got rid of my gap. i was afraid to smile (despite the fact that i laughed all the time) when i was engaged in a conversation with someone i ALWAYS wondered, were they looking at me, or my teeth. idk, some people may disagree and thats them, but i am as happy as can be. and NOW, i smile with my teeth showing! [ :

Leelee said...

AMAZING progress! Your bottoms especially...they're so straight! I just finished my Invisalign a few months back, and I think I got a great result, mostly because I was nit-picky and wasn't shy about telling my dentist how I wanted everything to look. Now I'm in Align's Vivera retainers for 6 months until I go to nights :P Good luck on the last leg of your treatment, and hey...if you can get more refinements for free, go for it! :D