Friday, November 20, 2009

The day the smetana didn't even help.

Tuesday: Nov 17

Classes were okay, last long day of the week(even though there is only two!). First day in a long while that so many people were in class. I think we had 13 or 14. New studnet from Sweden or Denmark, Thomas. I swear it changes every time he talks so maybe he was born one place but lives in another now. He never formally studied Russian but lived in Moscow for 4 years in the mid 90's- he's a journalist. He is a lot more...fluid than anyone else in our group. I am jealous of him. Nothing memorable about разговор. Sat with Jun and Minju at lunch. I actually attempted to come up with something for the round of "hard questions." Read through what we had to at home, So we read paragraphs each in turn until we got to the end of what was assigned. All the while she basically acted it out so we'd understand what everything meant, and sometimes translate some words into English. Next week we get to talk debate about suicide. Should be interesting. Was supposed to head to one of the markets with Nora, but she ditched after lunch because she had some stuff to do for her Moscow trip and I didn't feel like going alone. If one thing is really different here it is that at home I could do everything by myself and it was no different than if I was with someone: Go to the movies, to eat, shopping, going for walks ect. and here I prefer to hang out with actual people. Hmm.
Sped walked home with Jun-ji because Enmei needed to use our internet to do some banking as hers wasn't working at the dorms and she was waiting outside our place. I stopped at the store on the way home for some smetana(sour cream) because for dinner I tried the blini(the more expensive ones) I bought at окей. They are edible, but nothing special. They just have very little taste...but that seems to be the norm for Russian food.

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