Tuesday, February 24, 2009

40 mintues later

Had my last appointment today. I mean, real appointment.

Sat for almost 20 minutes in the chair which was annoying. He asked if I was happy with the result and I said yes. He looked at my mouth for a couple of minutes. The spacing(with floss) and my bite. Then had some new assistant get the molds ready for my retainers. She got normal sized ones. They didn't fit. Then got smaller ones that looked like childrens' ones. She mixed up some pink goo and then put those in the molds(which looked like the invisalign ones) and did the bottom, then top. And holy cow was it messy. My whole face had that stuff on it. I have to go back on Thursday to get them and try them on and stuff. I will also ask if they can e-mail me my old pictures.

Oh, and I asked him about retainers(I am getting essix) which he said invisi patients like because it is so similar to invisalign. Just sturdier.

I also mentioned that I was worried about the durability and he said always take my last set of invisalgn with me as well. He said he has been wearing his for over a year and so far so good.

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Anonymous said...

are you going to post pics?

like a before and after