Monday, June 30, 2008


Just changed an hour or so. I put the tops on first, usually I put the bottoms on first and there was a lot of pressure and when I put the bottoms on top of the previous bottoms it seemed a lot smaller. So a lot of pressure on both upper and lowers. Looking at them in the mirror they have that problem on the second incisor where it extends past the tooth AND on a new tooth this time
(same tooth, just on the other side). I wonder if maybe my teeth were supposed to have been pulled down into those spaces or if they just don't fit as they should. I guess I will see at my appointment(haven't made it yet. Office is closed today and tomorrow so I will make an appointment on Wednesday if they can get me in next week. I think they should, I mean for pete's sake it takes like 5 minutes). Also looking in the mirror it looks like the plastic is cutting into the skin between my two front teeth(frenum). It doesn't hurt so I shall see how my daily glass of orange juice goes tomorrow morning :)

I was looking at the cost of whitening treatments since I think that is something I am interested in after treatment. I didn't realize that to get it done professionally is so expensive. Yikes. Anyone reading have any luck with some "take home" kinds?

I shall post pictures possibly Wednesday once my teeth move a bit with this set.


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Leelee said...

Your teeth look awesome! Great progress :) As far as teeth whitening, from what I read on this awesome website I ran across, at-home whitening can produce the same results as professional laser whitening, except that it's much cheaper, and may last longer, since it's not as quick of a process as laser. My dentist is actually gunna give me an at-home kit to use on my last Invisalign tray once done for free, so we'll see how that goes. In the meantime, here's the link to the website I mentioned: Good luck, and see you on archwired ;)