Monday, June 2, 2008


I changed into number 10 today. I can't believe it. Only 9 more to go on top and 8 more on the bottom. Insane! Time has sure flown, It hardly feels like I have had these things two months.
I guess that is what happens when you progress slow and have no problem or pains. When I put these ones in there was a lot of pressure but they weren't hard to get in. The pressure was gone in about 2/3 minutes though and now I am back to not feeling them. I wonder if maybe since my teeth developed later(lost my last baby tooth in like grade 8, I kid you not) if maybe that is why I don't have pain. Because my teeth aren't fully rooted in place like adult teeth are. This would explain why i still haven got my wisdom teeth yet(dentists estimate their eruption in 3 years when I am 24)

That annoying bump on the surface of the tooth on my last aligner isn't on this one too, thank God. and These ones went down all the way too, they fit snug like I have had them on for a week or so. I think this is the first set where they have done that. Usually I have those air pockets for a day until my teeth settle. Whoo!

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