Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Put in the 15th set last night and a bit of pressure but no pain and this one had the least pressure. My molars were a tiny bit sore when I bite down hard(just my right side) but not really anymore. And this is the first set where my two front teeth are sore. First. It is only after I take out the aligners and eat. There is no pain with the aligners just sitting on. Kind of amazing that I went 15 aligners pain free when you consider those teeth moved the most

Had an appointment today. He only gave me my next set(16th) because after that it is overcorrection and he needs to see me to check the contact points on my teeth I guess. I don't see how it is "over correction" though since on my clincheck the gap is still closing on the 16th aligner and doesn't appear to disappear until the 17th. But I looked and they did have the little "+" next to the number on the package. Anyone know anything about this and want to leave a comment? If not, I'll try at archwired later this month.

It was funny though. He was looking at my teeth and he asked Lindsay to pull up my before pictures(I regret not turning around and looking at them now. I will ask to see them at my next appointment since I didn't take any before I started.) Anyway, he was like "Oh, it was huge"[the diastema]I tried not to laugh though because he sounded so surprised by the change. Silly dentist....

Anyway, the gap is small enough now that I when I floss(I like the thick floss with lots of wax on it- not the tape stuff) it gets stuck between my front teeth now. Yay! Also when I look in the mirror from not too close, it looks like I have no gap at all. Squee! I also showed my dad and he said "You're wearing your teeth" and I assured him "No, I'm not. This is them au natural. Not encased in plastic." Not gonna lie, that felt pretty good.

Next aligner I will post pictures(if I am home. If not I will by early September)

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