Friday, August 1, 2008

Clincheck pictures

My ortho office has got ortho sesame(site that has your appointment times, financial info, newsletters clinchecks, ect) and for that I am SO greatful because I can watch a shortened version of my clincheck online rather than asking to see it at every appointment.

Here we go. Prepare for the horror.

My teeth before treatment and at each aligner. Sets 1-18(18 being my last on the bottom)

After my last aligner(top only) at 19. Ideally, this is how my teeth should look.

On the right: My lower arch before treatment and on the bottom, at aligner 19
On the left: My upper arch before treatment and after on the bottom

I showed my parents this and they said "your teeth were not that bad!" and I am like "believe it. You see what you wanted to see. They were this bad"
Although, I have to admit. It has been so long that it is hard for me to remember back then. I can't believe just how bad they were.

As it turns out, my midline will be off in the end. I am sure I can find a way to live with this though ;)

And journal update for my 14th set.

July 29. 08

Took two advil before I even started. As always, put the bottoms on first. A little hard to get on. I had to sort of squeeze the molars together just to put them on(so, it seems as if the arch is widening further). When I put the first one on I noticed that it cuts into my frenum a bit. A little bit of discomfort on that front. It only hurts when I put the aligners back on for a minute or two so not too bad yet. What is happening is that piece of skin is quite thick and sticks out
past my teeth(if you were looking at my teeth from a side view) so it is like this little ridge between my two front teeth and the aligner isn't built to accommodate that skin so it cuts into it horizontally when the aligner is on. I don't see any cut on it when I take the aligner off thank goodness. I don't want to get it infected or anything. Next appointment, that is if it isn't hurting my then, I will ask him what we are going to do about that. I would kind of like to not have a fenectomy but we'll see. If it is necessary then so be it. I just hope I can find a place that lasers it off rather than cuts and then stitches. I would rather pay extra....

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Kiwikaren said...

Those clincheck picks are amazing! It's so cool for you to be able to see what you can expect from your treatment in such a visual way.

Good luck with your treatment!