Wednesday, August 27, 2008

16. Still alive,

Changed into the 16th set on Monday night, late.

Had some advil but I could tell these would have been painful if I hadn't. The next morning it hurt to take the aligners off(off my bottom right canine where the button is and my top left canine and left lateral incisor), I actually let out a cry when trying to get it off my top left teeth. That morning it hurt to bite a banana(and not a green one!) with my front teeth. Luckily by my lunch/supper at 4 it didn't hurt to bite into anything like that and this morning it didn't even hurt to take the aligners out.
These aligners are still worse yet for not fitting around my lateral incisors on top. They are getting worse with each aligners! I WISH they looked as it is on my aligners with the central and lateral incisors matching up. I still feel my front teeth are too big. I don't know how this is possible though and hate to think of what the 18th and 19th are like if they are getting worse each aligner! They also don't fit as good on my central incisors. This kind of sucks because my brother is having his wedding reception next weekend and I will be talking with a lot of people. Oh well though. I feel stupid complaining about it.

I will post pictures of the aligners in and my teeth's progression as well. Camera is charging up and I will get to it today or tomorrow.

And in other news, my Brothers wedding was two weeks ago and I am happy to say I actually smiled with teeth for some of the pictures. It was kind of liberating :)
Also got some compliments from the bride about how great they were looking. Her friend came up to me and was talking and then said "oh, you've got your braces off already!" and I said " Actually I am wearing them right now" and then pulled the bottoms half off so she could see what they were like. Needless to say I had about 3 other people come and question me about them. They were all amazed that they were "just like a retainer" and wished they'd be around when they went through orthodontic treatment.

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