Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Changed into the 6th set tonight....this morning, whatever. I originally tried about 4 hours ago since I had had supper and figured I would put them in after I ate rather than just before I went to bed but I don't know if I was being to sensitive or my teeth really moved when I had the aligners out to eat but I tried the top and couldn't get it over my front teeth. I got half on but the right sides would sliding on top of the buttons so I just said "eh, I'll try again tomorrow" but when I went to get ready for bed I was curious and tried to put them on and it wasn't too bad. It was harder than the past ones but those always just slid right on. I feel like I am so cautious with these things and removing and putting them on. Oh well I guess, better safe than sorry.

Pressure points on this set are the premolars and molars. Feels really odd! Though this set still isn't as bad as the second set. They feel comfy even - if a little stiff. I shall see if there is a difference in the gap tomorrow when I take the aligners off. I can see on the aligner itself that the gap is growing smaller and smaller. The triangle piece of plastic between the two front teeth gets smaller and smaller and soon it wont be there any longer!

I don't see any change happening to my midline. Maybe it is moving(at a pace slower than a one legged 97 year old running a marathon)but at this point it doesn't look like it.

The last set was really hard to get clean(I like to really clean the aligners before I put them into retirement). I didn't realize it had gotten a bit murky in the crevices. I will have to be even more careful with this set since I will be wearing it almost three weeks. Man, I am going to have this set until school is done, finals done and I have moved. Seems like a long time. And as I typed that sentence I got a sharp shooting pain up where I assume the actual tooth is for a second. Gone now. I hope that doesn't continue.

More news tomorrow when these bad boys settle a bit.

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