Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Almost a week into 05

Man alive, my bite feels weird without the aligners in. I can't tell if it is because I am used to the way the aligners make me hold my jaw so it feels weird without it like that(especially since they are out for like a half and hour so it isn't enough time to get used to it) or if it is because it has been so much of a change already. Probably both I am sure but when I try to close my mouth and bite the back molars together it is hard, and sort of makes my jaw tired. and my bottom canines feel like they stick out so much(I think it is just the attachment though).

Nothing else new, except at Easter I decided to have a chocolate snack and took the trays out and put them in the blue case and then after I finished brushing my teeth I noticed that I had somehow closed the lid ON part of the aligner. I have never moved so quick as I did when I went to click the lid of the case open. I was so happy it never got wrecked!

My family didn't notice except one cousin who wanted me to try some food and it was about a half an hour before we ate and I said no and when she asked why I said I had braces and she said "oh" and that was all. No questions or anything. I am sure at Christmas no one will notice either. Oh well, I will and that is what is important.

EDIT: It is March 29th and I noticed as I was eating that if I close my mouth-bite down on my right molars I can't really do the same on the other side. My molars no longer touch but my left bottom canine feels very prominent. It feels so bizarre!

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