Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Nothing much new to report.
I was stupid on the weekend though.
I was going out, but was drinking at a friends house before going to the bar and had my aligners out while I drank(cherry juice and raspberry really red and I figured it would stain) and before we were ready to leave I went and brushed my teeth but we were in a rush and I forgot my aligners and it wasn't until I was in the car on the way that I realized I didn't have them. So anyway, I had to wait until 11 the next morning to get them back. I was really worried but they went on alright. Same amount of pressure as when I change aligners, so my teeth really moved! No pain putting them back on but when I got back from the bar and was trying to sleep without the Really hard! My teeth felt so sharp all over and poking my mouth, and my front teeth really ached to bite down on them. So, I guess that is just another reason to not forget! I am thankful it's painful when I have them out for a longer period than when I put fresh aligners on.

Despite the fact that nothing bad has happen(yet!) from that little incident, I will be more careful from now on. Damn these aligners, they make me feel guilty.

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