Sunday, May 4, 2008

Picture time!

I am taking a bullet for you all. I took some pictures with a good camera to show you what the aligner looks like when you are really close to someone and the picture turned out really great. You can see what the gap looks like and you can see those little swirly designs on the aligners too BUT my lips were all gross since I had just lip chapped and there was some chunkage. So I am showing you the picture even though it is pretty mortifying. It had better be helpful to someone!

This one is to show you where this aligner isn't fitting the teeth that well. See the incisor there? It's driving me insane. I hope my other's aren't like that too.

And this one was for you too see what the buttons look like when the picture isn't blurry. They are quite noticeable but lucky for me they are not on my two front teeth or two bottoms and non of the other teeth really show when I talk so unless I am taking pictures with my mouth open all the way like this no one ever sees them.


jhawk1990 said...

Your gap is hardly even noticeable anymore. How much do you think it has shrunk by? How wide was it at the beginning?

TheOtherSideOfTheStory said...

The aligners definitely help in making the gap look smaller than it actually is(and now that the space has started to close it's even better since there isn't as big a plastic bridge between the two front teeth. I am not sure. When I started my ortho listed it on my diagnosis as 3mm wide but I think that may have been an estimate because I didn't see him measure it, but who knows. I will take pictures in a few days maybe of my teeth without the aligners in. I don't know if that will help you though since the pictures I took near the beginning were so fuzzy.

Let's just say I haven't had the "oh my god" moment where I look in the mirror and am amazed at how much it's closed.

Kiwikaren said...

Fantastic photos to show how the aligners look up so close.

I agree that your gap is looking great ... or should I say your lack of gap is looking great.

Good luck with your progress.

TheOtherSideOfTheStory said...

Thanks Karen!
I just hope I continue to have progress like this and don't run into any problems.