Tuesday, July 1, 2008


It finally happened.

I woke at 3:30 and my mouth was very sore. I was regretting not taking some advil last night because I couldn't sleep until 7:30(thank goodness today is Canada day and we have a holiday). It hurt if I lied on my face in a certain way(and I am a side/stomach sleeper, I can't fall asleep lying face up) and it hurt to even touch my bottom arch and top together even slightly, not even clenching. Most of the soreness was on the bottom which still baffles me! The arch must be expanding or something because most of the pain was in the premolars and first molars though it hurt virtually everywhere. Yet my two front teeth? Nothing.(this isn't me complaining!)

Oh well. I am finally paying my dues :) I was wondering what was wrong with me. At least I was scott free until my 12th aligner.

I will see if this is how it will be going for the rest of my aligners. I won't forget the advil next time!

Starting to get hungry since I haven't wanted to eat but the last time I did eat was at 4 in the afternoon yesterday and I am starting to get cranky. Wish me luck pulling these bastards off!

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