Friday, July 18, 2008


I changed into 13 while away at work. This set didn't hurt at all. Figures, since 13 is my lucky number. In any case, I am hoping I don't have another "12" again but it isn't the end of the world it I do.
Again, there was a lot of pressure on both the tops and bottoms and the bottoms felt tighter and like always the pressure is a type of pressure that pushes IN towards my throat like it is moving the teeth back.

I also have a bit of a mess on the inside of my cheeks. This is the first time this has happened since my first aligner when my mouth was getting used to the aligners. What happened is it looks like The Carver has gotten the inside of my cheeks rather than the outside(old Nip/Tuck reference though I suppose a more fitting one would be "The Joker" since I am under the impression he cuts peoples smiles wider like the Carver did). There is a ridge that has turned white on the inside of my cheeks sort of following the line where my aligners meet. It isn't swollen anymore and is going away. At least it didn't hurt.

The gap is closing in, really exciting.

I found a link for a really great slide presentation titled "Ask the expert: using clincheck to achieve the optimal smile design"
Talks about midlines, black triangles, tooth size and proportion, overjet, buccal corridors, gingival heights of contour, incisal edge position and others that I am too lazy to type out. It is an interesting read on the ideal smile though.


The Eeyore Librarian said...

Thank you so much for you blog. I was really struggling on whether or not to get invisalign because of the potential root loss if things move to fast. I have the same problem you have (maybe a little worse) so it really helped me commit to going through with it. I gave you some link love back at my blog. Good luck with the rest of your treatment!!

TheOtherSideOfTheStory said...

Thanks for visiting! and thanks for the link at your blog(I could do the same on mine if you wanted).

Yay, I am so excited for you. Yeah, the root loss issue is a scary one. Maybe your ortho could put you on a 3 week cycle rather than 2? I don't know if that would help much.

Good luck with your treatment as well. I look forward to following along with you.

PS. We even have the same career aspirations. Scary.