Thursday, March 20, 2008


Changed into my 5th aligners last night at midnighish before I went to bed.(and this morning when I was brushing them-WOW are they clear. The 4th set is slightly less clear than them and I didn't even realize!). There was a lot of pressure on my bottoms. They didn't fit snug but today they feel like normal and were very easy to get off again. When I ate breakfast this morning none of my teeth hurt at all. There seems to be no sore spots as of yet. This set makes the gap appear even smaller. But any excitement I get over that is gone when I take them off and it looks the same as it always did(well, I am sure it has moved, but I can't tell the difference). Oh well I guess. It makes me want to keep in the aligners at all times so I quickly start my routine as soon as I am done eating. My next appointment is over a month away, but I am getting exited to get my next couple of sets, make sure everything is alright, as well as see my clincheck of my progress so far.

Well I am going home for Easter tomorrow and I'll see if my extended family notices anything different about my teeth. Doubtful.

I took some pictures but I think I will just wait until the next set to put some up. I don't think there is enough progress to really warrant putting up new pictures.

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