Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Just popped some extra strength a half hour ago and took out my 3rd set(man, they were a breeze to take out- I will miss that!) and just put in my 4th set so I can let it do its work while I am sleeping rather than having to adjust to them during work which is kind of annoying(I always read about that tip of forums but was scared to loose 11 hours and didn't want to hold off another day to do it(damn my impatience!)...I feel like I will make up lost time with my 6th aligner which I will be wearing almost 3 weeks since my ortho won't be in on my usual day). I put in the bottoms first and my, was there a lot of pressure! and it feels like the pressure is from the front pushing them back. It is making my jaw feel a bit stiff. Then I put in the top and wanted to pull it off. It didn't hurt, there was just a lot of pressure that I, due to my memory(the size of a goldfish!), had forgotten since set 3 wasn't that bad(though, looking back it may have not been so bad because that was the good part of the appointment. Finally getting it on after the attachment process was a treat. I may have deceived myself!). My head feels a bit funny. Sort of like when you are sick and your head feels "tight" and "stuffy". The aligner fits perfectly on the top but the place on the bottom that is always ill fitting the first 2 days is there, as well as the same thing on the other side on the bottom as well.

Anyhow, that's the quick update from the front line. Just did a paper proposal and am heading off to bed. Will report tomorrow more when I think of something worthwhile to say.


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