Thursday, March 6, 2008


Don't think there is much more new info to add. I woke up early and my teeth were hurting a little bit from the way I was laying, I don't remember any of the others hurting like that. The aligner has settled on my teeth now(and I no longer feel like they are suctioned to my teeth when I suck the saliva out of my mouth). I can't really see any difference with the aligners out, but when I have them in the gap looks a lot smaller. I am sure it's just psychological but it is making me feel better. The second right incisor hurts like a mother today. Hurts to touch it, brush it. I am assuming this is one of the aligners where the focus is on that tooth(it needs to come up to line up with rest).

While I was eating my bottom right canine(the fang) keeps hitting my top teeth and it is really jarring as it is quite sensitive and creates a bit of pain every time that happens. I cannot wait until my bite is all fixed so I no longer have to worry about that. What else.......Oh! I was preparing myself for it taking 5 or so minutes to take the aligners out this morning for breakfast and cleaning and they popped out so easy! Just like my old set into its second week. I am sure it is just that I have found a good method for myself for getting them out-Because I know they are still tight!

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