Friday, February 22, 2008

Attatchments cont.

Nothing much to report about this set. I am getting faster at taking the aligners out now. This morning I had the bottoms out within 30 or so seconds and the top in even less(and the bottoms were the easy ones yesterday). And tonight when I tried taking them off was harder than this morning, but still way better than yesterday. I didn't even cut myself today! Since this is only the second day, I am pleased. It can only get better. I just worry about ripping an attachment off. Perhaps if I was more forceful, I could get them off faster, but it's not worth it, even though my ortho told me to not worry too much if one comes off. Just to phone him so he can schedual more time for my next apointment to reatach it.

Anotehr thing with these buttons is they are making my cheeks a bit raw from where they hit. I am sure this will go away as my cheeks toughen up. The right side bottom and tops are the worst. Certain movments of my mouth make me VERY aware of the bottoms an then there is the pain with the tops. I can't wait until the time comes when I am like "attachments? can't even tell I am wearing them anymore"

Just looked in my bag last night and looked at my 6th aligner. Makes me so exited to get there and I hope nothing bad happens between then.


Ronnie said...

Hi. You're a naturally pretty girl. Good luck with your aligners. It is a long haul but in the end its worth it. I cant wait to see how you progress. I am on my final set and will basically be done in 2.5 weeks. Obviously im pretty excited but its been such a long haul that waiting less than 20 days now seems so easy compared to the 2.5 years that i wore these. yes, 2.5 years.

Initially i had 17 lower and 35 uppers but what they didnt tell me was that after those were done, they had to make another re-alignment set for my uppers which was an additional 27 sets....WOW. can you imagine. thats an extra year after completing what i thought was the whole thing. So, i guess im just telling you that to keep it in the back of your mind. It doesnt happen to everyone but in some cases it will.

what part of canada are you in? I live in vancouver and you mentioned speaking in class in your video - i was wondering if you were referring to ubc?

if you wouldnt mind replying, or have any invisalign questions, email me -

good luck. you will soon be even prettier than you already are.


TheOtherSideOfTheStory said...

Thanks for the comment, and the luck- I'll need it I am sure.

Wow, that really sucks to have to get so many more aligners for refinement. I know I won't be lucky enough to get 4 or 5, but probably an insane amount close to my initial set.

No, I don't go to UBC, do you? I go to university in Alberta. Boo to Alberta, you are lucky you live in Vancouver, it's beautiful there!