Thursday, February 21, 2008


What to say?
I got there early, got my insurance stuff all squared away(I got covered, yay!) and payed for the x-rays that the isurance didn't end up paying for and then sat for a minute and then got taken in even though I was 20 minutes early. She just had me take off my old aligners and I put them in the red container...though really, they are usless to me now since I can't wear them anyways, even if I wanted to since they wont fit over the attatchments.) Then she started the process and told me they weren't drilling into my teeth(I guess people who just get invisalign on a whim and know noting about it asume this? I don't know) and put that mouth expander thing in, I laughed and said I know. It was kind of akward because one of the other....I don't even know what she is, a hygenist, assistant, invisalign person...was watching for a while seeing how it was done. First she scraped a bit on the tooth so it would stick better and then put these things on, then put the template aligner on that had holes and put the second parts on(this is all what I assumed since I couldn't see). There are three on the top left, 2 on top right and 2 on both bottom left and right. And then she was worried about ripping them off trying to take the template off so she got my ortho who was in the next station over(with an invisalign patient too! and they were talking about refinements so she is nearly done. Lucky duck!) and he came and got it off and then polished them off a bit...I guess to make it less noticable? and then he left and they made me take the aligners out and put them back in while they were there again. And it was trouble! I started with the bottoms and got them after a minute or two, but its so hard! I am sure it will get easier though. Then I tried the top and started with the right side since it has less buttons and I could NOT GET IT. So 5 minutes later, a broken nail and bloody gums(i poked myself) later I got them off, she made my next apointment for April and I saw my box, my invisalign box with all the little baggies sticking out and saw the last set for my top and told her I wished I was on that set already. I was so tempted to look at it! These aligners don't hurt at all not like the second set, I can feel them and my mouth is extra-salivay but no pain. And now 5 hours later I am starved. I declined McDonalds after my apointment since my friend wanted to stop but I didn't want to attempt to go through that again until supper tonight. I just wish I had more than a granolda bar for breakfast. I am so hungry now!

I will take pictures when I get back home on Monday. I think they look really noticable, especually the bottom ones since when I smile alls you see is the attachments and THEY loook like my teeth so they loook out of line or crooked(with my regular teeth) and they aren't and since my teeth have never been crooked or overcrowded it is wierd to see!(oh I should explian, they are the rectangle attatchments, not the smaller circular ones)

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