Thursday, February 7, 2008

Holy pressure Batman!

I had gotten so used to having no pressure I forgot what this feels like! Just popped some extra strength! I suppose it would make more sense to wait 15 extra hours and get these things on at night, but then thats an extra 15 hours wearing the old aligners.

I put the top on first and immediately pulled it off before hurrying to get advil. Put the bottoms on and top again and the bottom right side doesn't really fit right again. Sort of like I can push down on the aligners in the middle(the premolar/first molar) with my finger or tongue and I can hear it creak and it goes down only to pop back up when I remove the pressure. Its not too annoying except it feels weird when I close my mouth because it feels high on that side. Oh well, I am sure it will come down. I just spoke a little and I sound a bit funny again! Bah! Just after I'd lost the lisp ;) I think it is all in my head though and when I can feel the aligners I just do it to myself.

Was just thinking, after these aligners I will be 1/10th done my treatment(well, initial treatment anyways). That is exiting.

So I just went through my normal routine and got exited when I remembered I didn't have to go through the cleaning of my old aligners, I just rinsed them off good once I pulled them from the water and put them in the red container. I will miss those buggers, they were good to me the last two weeks. Hopefully these ones follow suit.

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