Saturday, February 9, 2008


Happy to report that today I can't feel this set anymore. Yesterday was painful(though not as bad as Thursday), especially eating on the front bottom teeth(as was it painful to brush the backs of those teeth) so I ended up just chewing with my molars.

The bite seems more comfortable than the last set too, or perhaps I am just *gasp* getting used to these things.

I can't say I am noticing visable differences from my teeth before treatment, to now(haven't even been through a month yet though). I am sure there is but it is so gradual I likely won't even notice until one day I look in the mirror and go "holy crap!." When I go in for my attachments and third set I am going to ask them to see the clincheck-but only up to the third aligner- So I can really see how little/much the teeth have moved so far.

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