Monday, February 4, 2008

What is patience? Foreign concept to me.

Well, I am updating again, when I said I wouldn't until Thursday. That's not lost on me.

The aligners are super loose now. I mean, nothing crazy like sliding off my teeth when I laugh or anything, but the bottoms are so easy to take off(not that it was a problem before. Thank you nails) and the tops are easier as well(still takes time to unsnag them from my two front teeth. I am sure this will be easier when the gap begins to close). And not only that but I don't notice them anymore. And I don't mean not notice them like I said in my post 15 minutes after putting them on for the first time. I mean, I actually forget about them. Speak without thinking that I have something plastic in my mouth, close my jaw normally(it seems normal now after 12 days). I mean, I am not at the point where I go "oh crap! did I forget to put my aligners in!?!" but I am getting there which makes me really happy after such a short time. I know I am getting my hopes up and I will have a whole new host of problems when I get my buttons put on, but I only have to get used to them and they will stay the same my whole treatment so I only have to get used to them once....just have to keep my nails nice and long for when that happens....heh.

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