Friday, February 15, 2008

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jhawk1990 said...

I was wondering how noticeable the aligners are when wearing them? Are they easy to see since you have a gap in front? I also have a gap (about 3 mm) and am worried about them being noticeable due to this. Thanks!!

jhawk1990 said...

What other things are you having corrected (besides the gap)? In addition to my gap, my front teeth protrude (stick out) quite a bit so I will have them pushed back. I also need to have my 4 front bottom teeth pushed down as they have over erupted due to my overbite.

TheOtherSideOfTheStory said...

I will post some pictures for you to see what the aligners look like in my mouth. I tried to get as close as I could.

I think it is noticeable when I bare my teeth, but when I talk my lips don't go high enough over my front teeth to show the really obvious part. Just to let you know as well, my ortho listed my gap as 3.5 mm so yours is even smaller and will therefore look even LESS noticeable than mine. I suspect by my 8th or so aligner it will look fine(not as noticeable anyhow).

Nothing I was too worried about but after seeing how nice my teeth could look I am happy other things will be fixed as well. Let me list some of my diagnosis for you
-mandibular midline is concurrent with the maxillary midline.
-overbite 5mm, overjet 4 mm
-curve of spee is deep
-central maxillary diastema 3.5mm

also my front two teeth are quite large so they are pushing those two up a bit to make them relatively the same size as my other teeth.