Monday, January 28, 2008

5 days in.

Nothing new really. There is hardly any pressure at all and the aligners still make my mouth feel funny in that gum irritating kind of way. My tongue hurts too. I don't know when it is getting nicked becasue I don't notice it. My bottom teeth vs my top when I bite together feels so weird still. I haven't gotten used to it. Only new thing to say is that my teeth feel SO sharp when my aligners aren't in. When I take them out to eat it feels like sharks teeth or something! Did take them out for about 30 mins this morning for a presentation because I didn't need another thing to be nervous about. But it's okay since I only had my aligners out to brush this morning for maybe 10-15 min and I just had supper/lunch here and it was 30 min. so I am spending less than an hour out of them per day(last night/early morning as I was working on my paper I was craving some food so bad but I was tired and figured I couldn't afford to waste 15 minutes re-doing my teeth so I just ignored it and my pant waists say thank you to invisalign.)

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