Thursday, January 31, 2008

Я люблю съёмные невнимые выравинвание!

Well it has been a whole week, give or take 10 minutes. I can't say I am having any trouble. They don't really feel that loose. Though I don't really feel pressure either. Yesterday my left molars were a bit sore though, and it still occasionally feels really odd to take off the top aligner. Don't know if my speech is getting better but my tongue is no longer cut everywhere so that is good. Orange juice and mouthwash was killer for a while there. I think the aligners still look good, look the same as the number 2 set to me. I have been doing the same routine. Take them out, put them in a bowl of water, eat and whatever, floss my teeth, brush my teeth, mouthwash, rinse, brush the inside of the aligners with a bit of toothpaste and a softer toothbrush, rinse and re-insert. I hope I don't have to go and buy some denture tablets later on.....

So, with nothing else to report, I will probably have something new to say on the 7th when I change to set number 2.

Edit: Friday Feb 1 10:38 PM

Meh, too lazy to make a new entry. Today is my 8th day with these aligners and when I took them off(I ate at 7:30 AM and then ate supper at 8 PM(I think the longest I have had the aligners in for at once)) for supper-whoa does my bite feel weird ALL OVER now, not just on my lower left side. It feels a bit more even now that it isn't just on the left side now. That is the only update I have. I didn't think the teeth would still be moving in the second week, but apparently so. I, for some reason, thought that they move the first few days and then are just held in position so you don't have bone loss and all that. Hmm...

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