Saturday, January 26, 2008

Updating because I'd rather do that than my project or paper.

Okay, so I think I have gotten this speaking thing down. I really have to enunciate-especially "S"s and "f"s but I think I can sound unlispy if I speak slow. I am way too preoccupied with this especially since it is way less worse than I was expecting.

Nothing much new today, I am not really noticing them much anymore except when I took my aligners off for breakfast/lunch the top was hard to get off again. It comes off the back easily enough but the front is hard and to pull it off the two front teeth(the ones with the gap) hurts just a wee it. But other than that no pain really, just that annoying "Raw" feeling that is indescribable, but not painful. No pressure at all today really and woke up with them suctioned to my teeth again(really good sleep too! seems that is no longer a problem) which I think happens from that white gunk(so gross) that comes off in the morning when I put them in water as I am tending to my teeth. To eat was weird again because my teeth were knocking against each other in a way different than before, such a bizarre feeling!

I think in 56 hours I have had them out for 2 hours. Today while eating breaky I was watching an arrested development episode and usually when I finish eating I continue watching but today I had to pause it and run and brush, floss, mouthwash, brush aligner and reinsert.

edit: My roommate and I walked to the movies tonight and passed a bar and she asked if I wanted to stop in and I said "Well, I can't because of..... *points to mouth*" and she goes "Oh, you got them already!? When?" I guess my speech and the aligners themselves are less noticeable than I thought!

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