Thursday, January 24, 2008

Первый день!

Okay, so it is exactly 10:12, my apointment was at 9:40 so I have had my aligners in for about 20 minutes so far. But let me go back to the beginning.

I made a monster breakfast today, I should be ashamed for eathing so much, but I take comfort in knowing that it was my meal for the day; my last meal as a pre invisalign patient be be exact. It was nice to savor it and really take my time eating because I know I will be one of those people who rush through meals just to brush, wash the aligners and reinsert. I arrived on time(yay me, I missed the subway so I am lucky I made it at all) and immediatly went in to the station I always have(different hygenist this time, not Lindsay(yes, I looked it up on their site)) but Dawna who asked me if I was exited, I of course said yes. She had the first aligners out and opened the package and showed me them and they are so small! much shorter than I expected if that makes any sense. She showed me where the numbers and L and U were and then she had me put them on. I had no idea what to expect and they went on so easily! and the pressure felt so odd! and then she made me take both of them off and back on and then went though the hours(22) to wear per day and if I go out for 5 hours and take them out, to make them up somehow, if I loose or break an aligner to go the next one or if I dont have one yet to go back to the last one and phone them so I can come and get my next one, only drink water with them, how to clean them ect. She also mentioned that so far only one person's taht my dentist has treated has broken(good sign!) one of their aligners. She also said she found the pressure to be a bit stronger at certain aligners so not to worry and that my speech shoud get back to normal soon(it isn't too bad, I don't even think I am lisping my "S"s and I sound pretty normal when I really open my mouth to speak rather than mumble like usual. I was so exited to hear she was doing invisalign too, she is in refinments right now(she was like "I only have them out right now because I just had coffee." She also said that she finds it hard to sleep WITHOUT them now. I can imagine). Then she made my apointment for the 21st so I get get my attachments and my third set of aligners. I am exited about that. Then I payed and it all went well(I will admit, I was a bit worried!) and the receptionist was like "How exited are you?!" "Very!" Dawna also said that if I had any questions that all of the staff are really knowlegable about invisalign so just give them a call(I am assuming a lot of the staff had/have invisalign). The preliminaries from our insurance are STILL not back. Kind of annoying but hopefully they are there on the 21st so I can let my parents know. They keep asking about it(though my mom figures 1500)

What else can I say:
  • The pressure on the top is slightly more intense than the bottom and I am surprisingly not experienceing dry mouth OR over salivanation(which I expected since to begin with I over salivate) and I had no problem with that. I think one of my edges may be a bit sharp but it doesnt hurt(I will let you know after work tonight though!).
  • I am finding that I am leaving my mouth open a bit though(compared to beforewhere it was ALWAYS closed shut. I think it is just because there is something in my mouth though and I am sure I will be back to normal in a bit). I also feel like the bottom inside edges are not fitting snug, like I can almost put the tip of my tongue between the aligner and the tooth but I am sure in a day the teeth will move and it will be snug. I kind of like this though because I am for the first time ever NOT clenching. I wonder If I will be able to see a difference in the way my jaw feels.
  • Besides having my mouth open a bit more I am finding myself running my tongue along the bottom inside of the aligner right along the middle/top of my bottom teeth. Ha ha ha it is so smooth.

While I have been typing this I have even forgotten they are there. That may be a bit of an exageration since I can really feel them but it doesnt bother me at all! Now, if only all the aligners go this well!

Until I have something else to report, bye for now.

Edit: (8:24 PM THE 24th of January)

Okay, second post today. I feel like I want to document everything. I am sure this craziness will disappear after about aligner 5, but for now everything is so new. I took the aligners out for the first time today to eat(left the aligners in a bowl of water while I ate) and then brushed my aligners, flossed, brush my teeth, and mouthwashed. The whole process took me about 20 minutes(eating included-I was starved). I tell you, when I took off the aligners and closed my mouth it felt so weird, and only after 8 and a half hours. I can't pinpoint what felt different but it didn't feel like my regular bite. It didn't hurt to eat or anything(I just had some spaghetti, and a couple of cheese and crackers) so it wasn't anything hard, but still.

Some things that are annoying me(I can live with though!) I used to bite my lips a lot and they always stayed basically smooth, and now they are all dry and gross. I have to go and wipe my lips every couple of hours. I am going to have to keep doing that and using even MORE lip balm. Also, sometimes, when I talk it sounds funny. Just the "S" sounds and only some of the time. It is odd really. I hope it disappears soon.

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