Thursday, January 17, 2008


I saw my clincheck today! Wow, to say the least(I may have wanted to tear up while viewing it :) )
I arrived and the hygenist(I really should know her name already since I have had her each time) took me in to show me the videos. She showed me the front, the inside looking out, the side views, the view of my top looking up and my bottom looking down. It is amazing to not only see the space dissapear, but to see everything! The bottoms move in as do the tops making evertything nice and compact and much more aesthetic, My overbite is fixed quite a bit(WAY more of my bottom teeth will show. Yay!), a mild "sticking out" of one of my front teeth will be pushed down into place and my two front teeth will be pushed up. It seems the most work involved will be in moving my bottom teeth and top teeth "in."

I couldn't believe my teeth could ever look that good. And if my result is half of what is shown on the clincheck I will consider myself lucky!

Another great thing - I was worried about the buttons locations. And for me they are all attached farther back(like not on my 4 front incisors). So I call tomorrow to confirm and they send out for them to make my aligners! They said they should be in in about 2 weeks because invisalign is pretty fast right now. Only thing was- they needed the clincheck(to find out the amount of aligners and therefore the cost) to send out the preliminary to my insurance company so I still don't have that information and it is making me a bit nervous. It would be great to get at least the ammount I would get if I got regular braces, but I don't know how they view invisalign, and adult orthodontics for that matter. If only my parents' benefits had better online info.

I guess my next post will be when I get them in(Which hopefully, is no later than the 5th of Feb) so I will be "done"(not including refinments) for my birthday this year(19 upper, 18 lower BTW).

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