Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Apointment number two.

So, I got there a bit early and sorted out the rest of my insurance stuff, then I went in and they took about 15/20 pictures. Pictures of me smiling, or the inside of my teeth, my profile, then the hygienist got the blue mold makers and said we needed to get it perfect so get ready because I may have to do it 2/3 times to get a perfect mold. She had to get a smaller one for my top teeth. First she squirted this purple stuff(which smelled a lot like this plasticine I had when I was little. Oh the memories....) onto the blue molds, then put it on my bottom teeth and and pulled that out and put this green liquidy stuff into the purple mold of my teeth and then put that in my mouth and held it for 2 or so minutes. Then she did the top, which was worse because I could feel it running in the back and I was trying not to think about it so I wouldn't gag. Then she did another mold, just so invislaign could see my bite. I just opened my mouth and she squirted this gross stuff, like hair gel on my bottom teeth and had me bite down on my back teeth and then that started to harden and that was the worst part of the appointment because my mouth was filling up with saliva and I couldn't swallow it so it was running down my cheeks and it's a good thing they had kleenex on the counter! then she went to go see the dentist and he told her to redo the bottom one so she did and then I went for an x-ray. Then I went back to the chair and Dr. Andrew came in and asked me what I didn't like most about my teeth(Seriously. N/T) and I said my diastema and he did my prescription(told the hygienist as he was looking at my teeth and she was writing). I didn't understand much, he was checking where to put buttons and it sounded like it would be hard on me. I heard something about over jet 19, and overbite, and midline, and spaces on bottom and top. Then he said that I would need aligners on the bottom becuase to fix the spaces on the top the bottom teeth need to be moved back(something to do with the bite) and explained that the clincheck should be in in 10-14 days and they'd call me. He also said that when we get the clincheck we will get the price info too since it will tell me how many liners I need. He also explained that invisalign will want to get it perfect so I should expect a year for the original treatment and then invisalign does 3 revision sets(free) so it will probably be longer. When I come in to check the clincheck I will also find out how much my insurance is paying too, So that will be nice(It had better be a decent amount!). I was also given a contract type thing from invisaign that I need to sign and bring back when I go see the clincheck. So that was everything, and I am exited to hear back from them.

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