Friday, January 25, 2008

Второй день

Nothing much to report on day two, but thought I would anyway.
I had a bit of trouble falling asleep as I can't close my mouth like I used to(like, my bite-I am afraid to damage the aligners by doing it) and woke up about 3 times during the night but didn't have a lot of trouble falling asleep again. When I woke up for good I could hardly tell I had them on-they felt sort of suctioned to my teeth and I thought I'd have a hard time taking them off but it was even easier than last night, the bottoms I can't feel at all, and the only pressure on the top is between my two front teeth and I cant tell if it is the TEETH or my frenum which touches the aligner which I can feel. And last night I pinpointed where the pressure was. On the top between insisor 1 and 2 on either side, today I can't feel that pressure at all. I think my speech might even be getting better. It is hard to say since I only really have whispered so far today. My next class will tell me how I handle reading Russian with these things in.

edit: 11:49 PM

So, my teeth now feeling weird. Sort of like when you floss to hard and your gums get irritated. I swear, it is getting HARDER to take the aligners off too. I had to fight a bit with the top one today at lunch and supper. I thought they were supposed to get easier!

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